Logotype and corporate style for LGBT group Stimul
The old identity looked outdated. In addition, it did not allow to stand out from other human rights groups, to form a brand. The iconic part of the logo was a pink triangle. This is a typical logo of LGBT groups.
Develop a design, abandoning associations of the first order — rainbows and pink triangles. In addition, the new identity of the Stimul should be simple and bright: young people most often turn to human rights defenders, and visual rigor can scare them and even alienate them.
We developed a logo that consists of iconic and font parts, and encrypted several metaphors in it at once.

The iconic part has a square-like shape, thanks to which the logo looks stable, symbolizing confidence: this is exactly the feeling that the wards of the LGBT group should have.

At the same time, the corners and sides of the iconic part are rounded — a feeling of care is created.
The color scheme was made up of acidic colors. The tone of communication of human rights defenders is light. The LGBT group’s website is often visited by young people who have been bullied or harassed on the basis of their sexual orientation.

Formality and strictness in identity will scare such a person and he will be afraid to ask for help. A simple and bright color scheme helps to overcome the communication barrier.
The Gate Agency team, in addition to developing the design, conducted a marketing study that made it possible to highlight the main values of the target audience of the LGBT group. The pattern is based on four style-forming elements, each of which symbolizes one of the key values of both the audience and the human rights group itself.

The target audience is representatives of the LGBT community aged 18 to 35. They are close to the idea of diversity of people and their identities, they dream of building a society in which people will not feel hatred for other sexual groups. As one of the signs for the pattern, our designers chose the symbol of the sun, drew rays of the same size. This embodies the idea of equality.

Another important symbol is focus, it means concentration on the problem of LGBT people in Russia. Visually, our sign looks like a camera focus icon.
We adapted the logo sign to the pattern, connected it with communication. The communication of the LGBT group should be soft and caring, at the visual level, this idea is conveyed by the soft pink color and rounded corners of the figure.

Protection is of great value to the audience of the LGBT group. LGBT people in Russia rarely feel protected. We created a sign in the form of a shield and gave it a calm, green color. It is designed to create a sense of security for the audience.

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