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Roxot is a technology seller that helps publishers in Russia and the USA increase their income from program-advertising.

Among the clients of Roxot — Meduza,, Habr, RBC and other major Russian sites.
The team had a successful experience of publishing in American media, but publications were rarely published on the Russian market and were not systematic.
To develop a content strategy that will allow Roxot to stay in the information field and increase loyalty among the professional community.
We developed a media plan that allowed the company to receive regular mentions in the media: every month we wrote expert materials and published them on, Sostav, Cossa, AdIndex (key Russian media about advertising).

We have also developed a content plan for a weekly email newsletter, created chatbots in Telegram for those who are uncomfortable receiving emails by mail.

The number of brand requests increased by 42% in 3 months, and site traffic increased by 32%.
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