Creating a PR department from scratch, developing a PR strategy and implementing it
Logomachine is a design studio that makes logos and corporate styles more than anyone else in Russia.

More than 1600 clients worldwide,
including — Get8, Renascence, Ubibat, HeWo, TradeInformatic.
The company has already actively blogged on UGC resources, but has never worked with editorial offices and journalists.
To increase the awareness of the company among potential customers (entrepreneurs and marketers) by regularly appearing in specialized media.
We chose a media pool, developed a content plan, trained journalists, and published 8−10 articles in leading Russian media every month (Forbes,, RBC, Rusbase, Cossa).

The growth of brand requests amounted to 502%, the number of clicks to the site from resources amounted to 200+ per month. The number of leads generated by the media was 25% of the total.
Our implementation of work with the media
All materials were released for free
250 000
130 000₽
About the site:
About the site:
The cost of publication, if ordered from the editorial office:
Views: 12 000
Views: 5000
A service for entrepreneurs, managers and specialists who want to change themselves and change their business
Independent publication about technology and business
entrepreneurs and chiefs of large corporations
Entrepreneurs and investors
The cost of publication, if ordered from the editorial office:
92 000
About the site:
Views: 4 000
Media about marketing and communicationsin the digital environment.
Entrepreneurs, marketers, managers
The cost of publication, if ordered from the editorial office:
In addition to publications in the media, we created a blog on the site, in which we published fresh cases and materials every week, and also started a Telegram channel and an email newsletter.

The number of followers of the Telegram channel without budgets has grown from 200 to 800 people in 2 months, the number of newsletter followers: from 0 to 700 people.
Our implementation of content marketing work

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